The path of energy and environmental conscious architecture is moving in a new direction. Based on the motto of Thomas Herzog and Gerhard Hausladen, "Rethink Building", basically think over it, redefine how comfortable, durable, functionally and aesthetically good buildings can be created in such a way that material and energy flows are also effective. The intersection of ecological goals and actual technical needs requires a new vision: a new, so-called Energia Design® designing method that coordinates the function, appearance, energy efficiency and comfort of the built environment and puts the foundation stones of an interdisciplinary workflow. Energia Design® design differs significantly from conventional architectural design. By expanding the function and mass system, new (and partly old) sustainability, ecological and efficiency aspects are integrated into the design process. Within the field of sustainable building technologies this is a new innovation discipline that goes beyond geometric, functional, structural and aesthetic issues and goes beyond planning dimensions: building climate, various building technologies, building energetics, building aerodynamics, smart city and environmentally conscious construction with its full-fledged vision. Methodically, this design technique differs significantly from architectural design. Its core task goes beyond spatial organization towards the design of energy flows and the spatial climate. Instead of using the standard solutions of function, geometry, building structures, building services and electricity systems, this method achieves expanded sustainability objectives by applying the natural science and engineering science principles of physics.


Energia Design - Prof. Dr. habil István Kistelegdi DLA, Ph.D.

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    János Szentágothai Research Centre - University of Pécs, Hungary, H-7624 Pécs, Ifjúság street 20., Room A114
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